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Lotus Notes Review

| Lotus Notes Review

"What is Lotus Notes" This Question come in every new user who don’t know about IBM Lotus Notes Domino, and other many query new user have just like following
Is this a E-mail client?”
My Answer is “Yes it is client just like Gmail, Yahoo Massinger and other”
Next Question comes on your mind “It is look like a SQL or Oracle
My Answer is “No its not database system like SQL or Oracle. Its look like compressed database structure”
 I think you have next Question “Is it look like Exchange, right
Again my point of view “it’s an E-mail System, actually it’s a primarily a database system which have to build in E-mail functionality”

Now you think “What is Lotus Notes Actually?”
Lotus Notes Developed by “IBM on December 7, 1989”. ”Basically it’s an IBM e-mail client server look like a Gmail, Yahoo messenger, Rediff etc.” IBM Lotus Notes is the client of a collaborative server platform. It is lotus notes server application. Lotus Notes provide integrated collaboration functionality. It’s very friendly application for users easy to understand. It’s can be integrated with additional collaboration ability such as voice and video conferencing, and online meetings.

Lotus Notes application have some other following features

        1 .       E-mail
        2 .       Address Book
        3 .       Calendaring and scheduling 
        4 .       Web Server
        5 .       Database
        6 .       Programming

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