Thursday, August 1, 2013

Most Common Lotus Notes Errors

Error1: - “Quota error during send/revive mail”
Answer: -Documents emails to release break from server & compact the email, if users have appropriate rights.

Error2: -“Archive Setting Tool Box Not Opening”
Answer: -You have to connect your system admin, it’s the right issue.

Error3: -“Mail not showing in Inbox”
Answer: -First you have to check all document & mark Unread settings in the edit menu.

Error4:- “You are not authorized to open this mail box” When wecreate mail box icon in workspace”
Answer: -In this error case, you have to contact system admin.

Error5: - “Notes error while Opening the inbox when we open mail box”
Answer: -Execute 2 services from task manager first is ntask1dr.exe and second nlnotes.exe then login again.

Error6: - “User cannot close his read mail window in his inote when hismail opens in separate window”
Answer: -First you have to Upgrade the java then login again in Lotus inotes.

Error7: -“User name not found on server” during mail configuration”
Answer: -you have to type the correct name if you don’t know the name, then copy and paste the name from id file name.

Error8: -“In archive setting compact tab is not active”
Answer: -You have to contact to the sys admin in this case.

Error9: -“you have different password on another id match the password of another id”
Answer: -In this case first you have check the correct id file then replace the old id file from the date folder with correct id, if your problem not solve this method contact to sys admin for reset the password.

Error10: -“Name not resolving from address book when type name innew memo”
Answer: -Logout from Lotus Notes then again login if still you found same check location document

Error11: Lotus Notes : -“Error 0x1A5”
There are two situations to come that type error
Situation 1:
When we try to open Domino Server, that time you get error “Lotus Notes : Error 0x1A5.”
“Directory”= that condition parameter missing from your Lotus notes.ini file. The value of parameter should be set to the path of data directory on your lotus notes server.
Answer: That time you need to follow the below steps to set Directory.
Step1: -Open the server notes.ini file in Notepad or WordPad.
Step2: -“NotesProgram=” line, add “Directory =(fill the path of data directory domino)”
For Example: - Directory= C:\lotus\domino\data
Step3: -Then save & close notes.ini file, start the Domino server.
Situation 2:
Second Situation is running maintenance, like compact, fix up, data base on a partitioned server, you will receive same error “Lotus Notes error: 0x1A5”br> Resolution:
Follow the following steps
Step1: -Go to server’s data directory.
For Example: -C:\lotus\domino\data1
Step2:-Execute the bellow line.
..\<desired executable.exe> <desired database> <options>.
For Examole: -...\nfixup.exe names.nsf -F

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