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Lotus Notes Traveler

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler is application which supported mobile devices such as Android 2.x, iPad, Apple iPhone, Symbian Series 60 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.6, 6.1. By IBM now very easy to check mail any where no need Laptop and PC we can check our Email on Mobile Phone. Now Mail Is very important for every employee and business man so IBM developed for Lotus Notes users Notes Traveler. IBM develop Notes Traveler first Apple them develop for iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and other phones now Traveler available for iPad Lotus Notes, Lotus Notes for Blackberry and Lotus Notes Email on Android Handsets.
Lotus Notes Traveler provides two ways, air synchronization between Lotus Notes Domino server and MS Windows Mobile Handsets devices. Its synchronize Calendar, E-mail, To-Do-List, Journal Address Book data in real time, Notes Traveler Client offers a very simple and easy to use interface with very less of configuration settings. Every user can modify how much data is corresponding with the device to optimize the use of memory. IBM Lotus Notes Traveler server executes a Lotus Domino server and install on server running. IBM provide Lotus Domino 8.0 basic configurations, Lotus Notes App Traveler device run on Notes Domino server without delay subsequent installation with very less input requirement from admin. Every day to day admin activities perform use the Domino administrator client and the remote Notes Domino Administration comfort. Traveler server task user Domino directory to involuntarily appear and find the Lotus users. So there is no need to manual conscription process.
If you are a Notes Domino user, then you already enable as a IBM Lotus Notes Traveler clients. Mobile device users need to set up the client software application and point the device to a LN Traveler server. Device will robotically register with the server and synchronization begins without delay for the clients’ device.

Notes Traveler Operating system support

  1. SUSE Linux® Enterprise 10.2 32-bit and 64-bit
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 32-bit and 64-bit
  3. SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 32-bit and 64-bit

Apple iPad Lotus Notes Support

Lotus Notes Traveler version has been first tested with the Apple iPad. Now LN Traveler support Apple iPad, iPhane and iPod Touch screen..

Lotus Notes E-mail on Android Support

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 and later version release support Mobile devices Android Operating System 2.01 to 2.x version. Android OS Mobile devices version 3.0 are support by Lotus Notes Traveler and later releases versions.

Android Support for Domino Encrypted E-mail 8.5.2

Lotus Notes Traveler v8.5.2.2 can view Domino Encrypted email on Android device. This feature also can consistent with other device platforms.

User Security

LN Traveler with user managed security, for our security we can lock their own handset device, and no need to help an administrator. We can also clear their own action. For Example – user can cancel wipe request and renewable server access for device and previously locked.

Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 device

Windows 6.5 Mobile device is support Lotus Notes Traveler – The LN Traveler client for Windows 5 mobile device is not long included in the Notes Traveler Client. The IBM Lotus Traveler v8.5.2 still supports all earlier version release of LN Traveler Clients.

Most Common Lotus Notes Errors

Error1: - “Quota error during send/revive mail”
Answer: -Documents emails to release break from server & compact the email, if users have appropriate rights.

Error2: -“Archive Setting Tool Box Not Opening”
Answer: -You have to connect your system admin, it’s the right issue.

Error3: -“Mail not showing in Inbox”
Answer: -First you have to check all document & mark Unread settings in the edit menu.

Error4:- “You are not authorized to open this mail box” When wecreate mail box icon in workspace”
Answer: -In this error case, you have to contact system admin.

Error5: - “Notes error while Opening the inbox when we open mail box”
Answer: -Execute 2 services from task manager first is ntask1dr.exe and second nlnotes.exe then login again.

Error6: - “User cannot close his read mail window in his inote when hismail opens in separate window”
Answer: -First you have to Upgrade the java then login again in Lotus inotes.

Error7: -“User name not found on server” during mail configuration”
Answer: -you have to type the correct name if you don’t know the name, then copy and paste the name from id file name.

Error8: -“In archive setting compact tab is not active”
Answer: -You have to contact to the sys admin in this case.

Error9: -“you have different password on another id match the password of another id”
Answer: -In this case first you have check the correct id file then replace the old id file from the date folder with correct id, if your problem not solve this method contact to sys admin for reset the password.

Error10: -“Name not resolving from address book when type name innew memo”
Answer: -Logout from Lotus Notes then again login if still you found same check location document

Error11: Lotus Notes : -“Error 0x1A5”
There are two situations to come that type error
Situation 1:
When we try to open Domino Server, that time you get error “Lotus Notes : Error 0x1A5.”
“Directory”= that condition parameter missing from your Lotus notes.ini file. The value of parameter should be set to the path of data directory on your lotus notes server.
Answer: That time you need to follow the below steps to set Directory.
Step1: -Open the server notes.ini file in Notepad or WordPad.
Step2: -“NotesProgram=” line, add “Directory =(fill the path of data directory domino)”
For Example: - Directory= C:\lotus\domino\data
Step3: -Then save & close notes.ini file, start the Domino server.
Situation 2:
Second Situation is running maintenance, like compact, fix up, data base on a partitioned server, you will receive same error “Lotus Notes error: 0x1A5”br> Resolution:
Follow the following steps
Step1: -Go to server’s data directory.
For Example: -C:\lotus\domino\data1
Step2:-Execute the bellow line.
..\<desired executable.exe> <desired database> <options>.
For Examole: -...\nfixup.exe names.nsf -F

How to Install and Configure Lotus Notes

How to Install Lotus Notes

Click Download Lotus Notes and start downloading IBM Lotus Notes Client Application
Then Run setup.exe
Click Next Button

Open License Agreement Click Radio Button I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next.
Type your user name and organization name and then click Next button
Click Next Button and accept the default installation destination folders.
Click Next button and accept the default features.
Make Notes my default email program is unchecked. Click Install to begin installation process.
Installation of the Lotus Notes process. After installation process is complete then click Finish button
Click Start Button -> Programs -> Lotus Applications -> Lotus Notes. Then Click Next.
Enter your Name and Domino Server name and Click the check box then click Next Button.
Click the Browse button and find the ID file that was mail you.
Then open the pop-up box if you want to copy the file from the data directory Click Yes.
Now enter your password and click OK.
Without changing any settings Click Next two times.

The following pop-up box tell you now Lotus Notes setup is complete.

What is Lotus Notes

I have seen lots of Forum and blog posting by the people they have one question What is Lotus Notes?. It is E-mail client server and Computer Software application, this application develop by IBM. IBM Notes Domino is the application Server. This is offers integrated collaboration functionality with email, contact, calendaring, management, instant messaging, to do tracking, office productivity, instant messaging, and access to other Notes Domino applications. IBM LN have other additional feature such as including video and voice conferencing, discussions, online meeting, blogs, forum, file sharing, and user directories. LN was one of the earliest application to support distributed database of documents it can be accessed by users LAN and WAN. It’s a very user friend application for users.
In 1989 IBM LN and Domino developed Notes 1.0 version. Millions of users have come to rely lotus notes and Domino as necessary collaboration sharing application critical to the achievement of their teams. And every one kwon today, Notes and Domino continue among the most significant and powerful product in the corporate.

New Feature in Lotus Notes Domino 8.5.3.

Lotus Notes 8.5.3 is latest upgraded version of IBM. This software has some new upgraded features. These features are described below.

  1. LN Domino 8.5.3 includes privilege to the IBM associations files and profiles mechanism adding significant capabilities to help clients become a social business.
  2. 2. Improved new mail notification that is optionally offered a pop up preview of new mail as they arrive IBM Notes 8.5.3 leave counter meeting on your calendar to allow counter to display up in a matchless color, with time meeting was initially scheduled for as well as maintain ability to act on the original calendar request & with have text signifying new future time.
  3. To enhanced categorization on mail subject substance that ignores the “REPLY” and “FORWARD” prefix, from reply and forward in that order provide a exact and sorting to your data.
  4. LN 8.5.3 has new option to search by subject or sender accessible when right click a mail.
  5. Lotus Notes 8.5.3 give the new feature geographic and time zone information to show in business card.
  6. Embedded IBM Notes same time is upgrade to version 8.5.1 with an incremental installer to Lotus Notes 8.5.2, and entrenched LN concerto is upgraded to version 3.0.
  7. Lotus Notes added capability to remove signature file from a thread.

Lotus Notes and Domino Versions

There are many versions of Lotus Notes and Domino.
  • First Version 1.0 Release 1989
  • Second Version 2.0 Release 1991
  • Third Version 3.0 Release 1993
  • Forth Version 4.0 and 4.5 Release 1996
  • Fifth Version 5.0 Release 1999
  • Sixth Version 6.0 Release October 2002
  • Seventh Version 6.5 Release September 2003
  • Eighth Version 7 Release August 2005
  • Ninth Version 8 Release August 2007
  • Tenth Version 8.5.3 Release October 2011

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Difference Between Lotus Notes and Outlook

Difference Between Lotus Notes and Outlook
I have a doubt long time What is Difference Between Lotus Notes and Outlook.   
There are following major difference 

IBM Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Notes Domino is an application server. Lotus Notes provide included association functionality such as email, contacts management, calendaring, to do tracking, instant messaging, calendaring, an office productivity suite and access to other LN Domino Software and databases. Notes Domino can also be integrated with supplementary collaboration capability including online meetings, voice and video conferencing, forums, discussions, blogs, Micro blogs, file sharing,and user directories. In addition to these ordinary application the organization may use the IBM Notes Domino development and other tools to develop additional integrated applications such as request approval workflow and document management.
Lotus Notes was originally created by Lotus Development Corp. in 1989. In 1995 Lotus was acquire by IBM and became known as the Lotus Notes E-mail Client Development division of IBM and is now part of the IBM Software Group.

MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a way of information manager from Microsoft, available both as a separate application as well as a part of the MS Office suite. The current version is MS Outlook version 2010 for Windows & MS Outlook version 2011 for Mac.
Although often used mainly as E-mail application, it also includes a  task manager, calendar,  note taking, contact manager, journal and web browsing.
It can be used as a stand-alone application, or can work with Microsoft SharePoint Server and MS Exchange Server for using multiple users in corporate, such as calendars and shared mailboxes, SharePoint lists, Exchange folders and gathering schedules. There are lots of third-party add on applications that integrated MS-Outlook with devices such as Multimedia mobile phones (BlackBerry) and with other application like Skype internet communication and office. Microsoft Developers also can create their own application that works with Microsoft Outlook and Office apparatus using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Lotus Notes Review

| Lotus Notes Review

"What is Lotus Notes" This Question come in every new user who don’t know about IBM Lotus Notes Domino, and other many query new user have just like following
Is this a E-mail client?”
My Answer is “Yes it is client just like Gmail, Yahoo Massinger and other”
Next Question comes on your mind “It is look like a SQL or Oracle
My Answer is “No its not database system like SQL or Oracle. Its look like compressed database structure”
 I think you have next Question “Is it look like Exchange, right
Again my point of view “it’s an E-mail System, actually it’s a primarily a database system which have to build in E-mail functionality”

Now you think “What is Lotus Notes Actually?”
Lotus Notes Developed by “IBM on December 7, 1989”. ”Basically it’s an IBM e-mail client server look like a Gmail, Yahoo messenger, Rediff etc.” IBM Lotus Notes is the client of a collaborative server platform. It is lotus notes server application. Lotus Notes provide integrated collaboration functionality. It’s very friendly application for users easy to understand. It’s can be integrated with additional collaboration ability such as voice and video conferencing, and online meetings.

Lotus Notes application have some other following features

        1 .       E-mail
        2 .       Address Book
        3 .       Calendaring and scheduling 
        4 .       Web Server
        5 .       Database
        6 .       Programming

For more about “What is Lotus Notes” click